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Pricing & Tagging Guns, Labels
Pricing & Tagging Guns, Labels
Pricing & Tagging Guns, Labels
Pricing & Tagging Guns, Labels



Display Cases and Counters In Stock

These display cases and counter fixtures are currently in stock.
We will keep updating this information periodically, so please visit our website as frequently as possible!




Frameless Display Cases

Full Vision Showcase  |  Half Vision Showcase  |  Corner and filler Cases   |  Tower and Wall Cases  |  Metal Display Cases  


Custom-made fixture by HM Store Fixture


Our Sepecialty

Bring your unique idea
We design and layout
Have your own fixtures

We deliver our services to retail store businesses with more than 20,000 retail outlets, nearly over 20,000 different commercial fixtures and the relevant accessories in more than 100,000 orders, and ship out more than 10 million units on time to all over the world.

Our specialty is design, layout and making custom store fixtures for your retail store business keeping within your budget.

Our sales and operations team work with professional designers and experienced millwork specialists to bring your idea to completion, from design layouts to your own custom fixtures.

We offer these fixtures in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and materials to create the perfectly customized fixtures for your retail store environment. From design layout to the delivery service and installation, we respond to your demands and requirements by creating your unique fixtures that cater to your business needs.

Our agents will always help you implement your plan to create a unique custom-made fixtures that meet your business requirements.



Cash Register Stand and Counters

Glass Front Cash Register  |  Cash Register Stand  |  Ledgetop Counter   |  Ledgetop Counter with Slatwall Front Panel   |  Wrap Counter   |  Wrap Counter with Slatwall Front Panel  



Jewelry Store Supplies and Displays

Countertop Displays  |  Necklace Displays  |  Jewelry Gift Boxes  |  Jewelry Trays & Cards  |  Bracelet Displays  |  Bar Displays  |  Earring Displays  |  Ring Displays  |  Resealable Bags  |  Velvet Drawstring Pouches  |  Organza Bags  |  Carrying Cases & Jewelry Organizers  |  Tags & Accessories  




Your Perfect Business Partner - HM Store Fixture


Mannequins and Forms

Childrens Mannequins  |  Male Mannequins  |  Female Mannequins  |  Mannequins With Wigs  |  Half Body Mannequins  |  Body Forms  |  Jersey Covered Dress Forms  |  Hand & Head Forms  |  Mannequin Leg Forms  |  Mannequins Accessories