General Policy

HM Store Fixture Co. ships most of our products via FedEx, using their standard rates.

Some of our larger items exceed FedEx weight limits. These items are shipped by a freight company. Please understand that the shipping amount calculated on our website is as accurate an estimate as we can provide. However, the actual shipping costs may differ slightly. If the difference is greater than 15%, we will contact you via e-mail for an approval before processing your order.

The product images provided on our website are the best available at the time that the items were added to our website, and may not accurately reflect the specific product you are ordering. The prodcut images may also contain optional accessories. We use care and caution when adding items to our website taking information from our manufacturers and suppliers and presenting them to our customers as accurately as we can. Since all items are added by humans, errors and omissions can be occurred from time to time. If you see any discrepancies, potentially incorrect information or have any other questions about products we have for sale, please contact customer service at info@hmstorefixture.com or (800) 868-0482.

It is also our goal to provide our customers the best information about the food service equipment and supplies available on our website, and we try our best to correct any misinformation as quickly as possible.

Most of the food service equipment purchased include the full Manufacturers Warranties, but those equipments and Products sold and shipped out of us will NOT be covered by these Warranties. These Warranties are provided by the individual Manufacturers, and NOT by HM Store Fixture.

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